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When deciding to take on the “journey” to find balance, it may seem a daunting task.  Where do you begin? What should be done next? And the questions keep coming.  As someone who needs to focus on one subject or go insane, I know that this is a frightful reality for some. The truth is…. There is no right or wrong.   No incorrect approach. I’ve come to believe that when things get out of control, just breathe.  In and out.  Again in and out.

The same is true about balance.  There are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  • Who am I doing this for?
  • Am I committed to do this for myself, regardless of how long it takes?
  • What does my “gut” tell me? (Yeah… and not just indigestion)
  • And the jackpot question… Am I really happy? If not, why not?

Now this seems bogus to some, but a little introspection can go a long way.  If, for instance, you have trouble with your health, try to figure out where discomfort is the worst.  Not what the doctor tells you is wrong with you, but what you truly feel.  Am I in pain?  Do sleep well?  Etc.  Symptoms are usually an indication of trouble.  By relieving the symptoms, you are not addressing the problem and therefore the symptoms will return.  Fix the issue, return the harmony. Trust me when I say that a serious and honest discussion with yourself (and yes you may even do this out loud) may start a friendship that will last a lifetime   be honest but not cruel as we sometimes can also say things to ourselves that we will never dream of saying to someone else. But I’m really getting ahead of myself. An important part of searching for balance is to get to know you  your real likes and dislikes, free from the expectations and judgements of others where you can scream, giggle, cry and everything in between without worrying what impression you are making on others, Where you can discard your pink clothes and not feel guilty if green is more your colour.  Where listening to both metal and classical is ok. As long as you are enjoying the experience.  Then you can start tackling the more uncomfortable and serious things you cannot feel you can discuss with anyone and in the meantime is causing you to go crazy.


We live in world where image, success and wealth are the essentials of life.  If you don’t have it all together in your career while looking amazing all the time while doing it, the world might think you are amazing but essentially, there is something wrong.

There are 2 (and probably more) schools of thought on this…

  1. What you see is what you get. So make the most of it.
  2. Not all you see is important. So take it easy.

They seem like poles apart and are, in some instances the case, but what if we can have it all.  What if we can feel amazing regardless if how we look satisfies the world?  What if we are happy with who we are and what we have accomplished?


That’s where I want you to start.  Look inside yourself and together we will make this a life worth living.

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